About Network Expansion Solutions (NES)

NES is a new service offering from CTDI, a financially healthy, family-run business with over 100 global operations and 20,000 employees. NES is fully committed to providing the most innovative, technical, and automated construction solutions to the cable Industry!

Why NES?

NES services tier 1 cable & telecom corporations and is a division of CTDI, a global and technical powerhouse. CTDI has been servicing the cable & telecom industries for over 48 years and has over 60 US locations and over 100 global locations.

Service Excellence

NES is fully committed to providing service excellence to our customers and has a proven track record of investing in our strategic relationships, employees, training labs, equipment, and IT systems.

Innovative Solutions

NES offers a fully integrated innovative and automated service solution, OneBuild! Our OneBuild solution includes pre-construction, construction, and post-construction services.

A Talented Workforce

NES believes in offering our employees highly competitive wages as well as career advancement opportunities. NES also provides our employees with in-depth training to build the highest quality construction crews, technical pre-construction resources, and post-construction services.

Our Team

Experienced, well-trained, diverse leadership

NES assembled a great combination of industry experts with up-and-coming engineering, IT, and technical resources. The NES Leadership Team represents a well-balanced and very talented group of professionals and construction industry experts!

NES Team photo
NES University fiber splicing training

The NES Culture

Employee-focused, customer-driven, community, and environmentally friendly!

The NES family always focuses on meeting our customer’s needs with values of quality, exceptional service, and mutual respect. NES is committed to making a positive environmental impact and we also insist that all people are cared for, starting with our employees.

NES’ responsibility extends to caring for our communities, supporting industry organizations, and supporting our employees’ philanthropic efforts. The collective action of NES, our customers, and our suppliers matters greatly, and we fully support their endeavors!

NES Career Opportunities

NES is proud to offer numerous career opportunities in all aspects of aerial and underground construction projects. NES offers highly competitive hourly wages and salaries at all levels of construction management. We offer excellent health benefits, 401K, career growth, and continuous training opportunities.

The NES Network

NES has a state-of-the-art operations network of over 60 US locations! These facilities currently service tier 1 cable & telecom customers and all have the capacity, resources, and expertise to quickly scale new NES customers and programs.